The Hawke History of MMM Competition Cars


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Karl-Joachim Wiessmann (Autor)

244 pages

Listed are 'M12/12', 'C', 'J3', 'J4', 'QA', 'RA', 'K3', 'NE', 'EX' (experimental) and The Musketeers, as produced by The M.G. Car Company Ltd. between 1929 and 1936. Sports Models prepared by the M.G. Car Co. for International competition, such as the Alpine Trial 'L2' Magnas and the Le Mans 'PA' Midgets, are not included. Nor are the numerous M.G.s successfully prepared by private owners for National and International events except where confusion might arise if the car were to be omitted. Where reference has been found to an M.G. that cannot be identified it has been

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The Hawke History of MMM Competition Cars

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